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Charpy impact testing (room temp and cooling capabilities)
High capacity, streamlined sample preparation capable of single sample or large volume batch testing on demand.

On•Time Labs proudly provides a variety of material testing services with options that fit your needs, budget, and timeline.

On•Time Labs is an accredited testing laboratory committed to providing high quality material testing and analytical services with options that suit your needs. We strive to deliver timely results and offer same day and expedite services for those high-priority or last-minute jobs.
Metalurgical and Material Testing Services

Material Testing Services

We offer comprehensive, accurate, and reliable material testing services to suit your needs. Our primary testing services include:
Additionally, if you are in need of other testing types, we encourage you to reach out to us to explore your options. 

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Materials Testing Lab

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At On•Time Labs, our team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals are ready to perform a variety of tests with service options to fit your needs. We offer quick turnaround for high-priority or last-minute jobs, as well as budgetary considerations for those times when lower costs and lead times aren’t an issue. 

We offer comprehensive and reliable material testing services, including microstructure analysis, macroetch exams, grain size analysis, microhardness testing, tensile testing, and more. Give us a call today to learn more.