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On•Time Labs offers a variety of hardness testing services. Rockwell hardness testing is one of the most widely-used and accurate methods for determining a material's surface hardness. Contact us to learn more about our hardness testing services.


On•Time Labs can assist you with all your hardness testing needs. We use Rockwell hardness testing, one of the most common methods for assessing and capturing the hardness of a certain material. When you work with our dedicated team of professionals, you can expect high-quality, accurate results with a quick turnaround time.

How Rockwell Hardness Testing Works

In general, hardness testing of metals and other composites involves assessing the surface’s resistance to indentation. Through the use of force (i.e., a tungsten ball or other indenter), we can measure the permanent depth of the indentation. The results can be used to understand the condition of a particular material following heat treatment or to assess the material’s overall strength and wear resistance. Our Rockwell hardness testing services are designed to give you dependable data delivered on YOUR timeline!

About Our Rockwell Hardness Testing Capabilities

Our team of highly qualified professionals offer Rockwell hardness testing services when you need it most. We use Rockwell C and B scales to determine the values for steels and other metals, while Rockwell T and N scales are used to test thinner samples. Ideally, the surface of the testing material should be flat and smooth to ensure accurate readings. Our Rockwell hardness tests align with the requirements set forth in ASTM E18 and other industry standards. Our goal is to deliver you the data and results you need to better understand the qualities and capabilities of your material. To learn more about our Rockwell hardness testing services, give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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