Charpy V-notch Impact Testing

We offer Charpy V-Notch Impact testing services to help you measure the amount of energy a material absorbs during a fracture. Our dedicated and highly trained team of professionals is here to provide you with timely, accurate, and replicable results.

Charpy V-notch Impact Testing

At On•Time Labs, we provide the information and data you need to make confident and informed decisions. Our Charpy V-Notch testing services allow us to help you understand your sample material’s roughness and ability to absorb energy during fracture. We are committed to providing accurate results, delivered on YOUR timeline!

How the Charpy V-Notch Test Works

During an impact resistance test, like the Charpy V-Notch impact test, your specimen is notched with a “pre-crack” and subjected to a sudden impact load. We then measure the amount of energy the material absorbs as the crack grows, we can determine the material’s toughness and resistance to crack extension or further fracture. These results can help you assess whether your material is in danger of considerable failure when a sudden impact occurs.

About Our Charpy V-Notch Testing Services

Our skilled professionals perform a Charpy V-Notch test to provide you with the results you need to better understand your material’s toughness and durability. By dropping a pendulum head from a specified height that impacts a notched specimen of your preferred material, we can measure the amount of energy the material absorbs. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we strive to deliver you trusted and accurate results as efficiently and promptly as possible. Call today to learn more about how we can help you obtain the data and results you need.

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