Microhardness Testing

On•Time Labs provides comprehensive microhardness testing services of metals and minerals to deliver you the results you need. We offer quick turnaround and work hard to ensure our results are accurate, reproducible, and informative.

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When a superficial hardness test is not sufficient or possible because of a small sample geometry or scope of interest, we perform a microhardness test to provide you with your desired results. At On•Time Labs, our team of experienced and qualified professionals understands how to determine the most appropriate and feasible testing strategy given your specific parameters.

Understanding the Outcomes of a Microhardness Test

Microhardness testing can be used to give you critical information when measuring individual microstructures within a larger matrix or when measuring thin materials or coatings. The results can also help you determine the hardness gradient of a particular specimen along a cross-section, like a zone affected by weld heat. Any data you obtain from a microhardness test can inform your future actions or approach to a project.

About Our Microhardness Testing Services

At On•Time Labs, we offer microhardness (case depth) testing in accordance with ASTM E384, as we provide testing with Knoop and Vickers indenters under a wide range of test forces. We enjoy working with you to identify your testing goals and determining the most successful path to help you achieve your desired results. We invite you to reach out to us at your convenience to learn more about our quality microhardness testing services.

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