Grain Size Analysis

On•Time Labs provides thorough grain size analysis services that give you the critical data you need to make informed decisions. We offer same day and expedite turnaround so you can obtain your results when you need them most.

Microstructure Analysis

Grain size analysis separates your sample into smaller portions of various sizes using screening, sieving, or similarly effective and reliable techniques. Our laboratory has all the necessary equipment, technology, and experience to meet your grain size analysis testing needs. We take pride in providing accurate and reproducible results in compliance with ASTM E112.

How to Use Grain Size Analysis Results

There are many reasons to pursue a grain size analysis test. The data obtained through grain size analysis can be used in several ways, including informing porosity and permeability studies; performing geochemical analysis; identifying pigment or soil characteristics; describing sediment units; assessing cement raw materials; and more. These tests can give you the information you need to shape the course of further analysis or investigation.

About Our Grain Size Analysis Services

Our laboratory can analyze a wide array of material types through grain size testing, such as metallic and non-metallic material, pigments, emulsions, powdered metals oxides, suspensions of polymers, and more. We use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality techniques to provide you with fast, accurate, and reliable results. If you are looking for dependable grain size analysis, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience to discuss your specific needs.

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