Microstructure Analysis

On•Time Labs offers high-quality testing, cutting-edge equipment, a dedicated team of professionals, and timely results. We perform a variety of testing services to fit your needs, from microstructure analysis to compression testing.

Microstructure Analysis

At On•Time Labs, we can perform a number of metallographic exams to inspect and analyze a material’s microstructure. Our team of knowledgeable metallurgists uses the latest camera systems to observe material microstructures, abnormalities, and flaws—which could serve useful in preventing future failures or issues.

The Many Uses of Microstructure Analysis

Metals undergo several stages during their processing life. Performing a microstructure analysis allows us to see whether the material was properly heat-treated and determine whether the raw material was processed and produced according to quality standards. Additionally, a microstructure evaluation can shed light on why a certain material fails to respond to a particular application or operation. If you are interested in predicting the performance life of a specific part or tool, microstructure analysis can provide you with critical information about the item’s properties, including strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and more.

Our Comprehensive Microstructure Analysis Services

Our dedicated team of professionals at On•Time Labs is committed to providing you with trusted results on YOUR timeline! Our equipment is capable of performing microstructure examination up to 1000x, allowing for a large depth-of-field analysis and examination for metallurgical or other specimens. We offer comprehensive microstructure services for evaluating microstructure components per ASTM E407. Our experienced staff can use these tests to understand the story of the material as it evolved and moved through various stages (i.e., thermal history, cracking, heat treatments, defects, or precipitates). Whatever your goals, On•Time Labs is ready to help you achieve them.

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